International air athletics Cup – Riga 2019

We represent the open international sports tournament  «International air athletics Cup – Riga -2019», which will be held on April 20, 2019 in the center of preparation of national sports teams Sporta Centrs «Mežaparks», located Roberta Feldmaņa iela 11, Ziemeļu rajons, Rīga, Latvia.

«International air athletics Cup – Riga -2019″ is the 2nd of 5 IAAA tournaments of the 2019 season of International Cups, which are held according to the rules of the International Athletics Association (IAAA). They will be held in the format of the open championships, in which any athlete from any country can participate.

Both individual athletes and sport teams of schools and studios from Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania and Russia will participate in the tournament. Participation in the International tournament for the athletes who do not have accredited national federations is necessary for passing the preliminary selection and forming national sport teams to participate in the 2-nd International Air Athletics Championship (2nd IAAC).

Air athletics is non-Olympic sport that gains world popularity, it includes three disciplines: pole sports, aerial silks and aerial hoop, in various age categories.

In the 2019 season, all international tournaments are held according to the IAAA -2019 rules and have a number of features:

— Age categories for all participants are determined not by age, but by year of birth, children’s categories have a step of two years, and adult categories are not divided by age.

— Technical qualifications (subgroups A and B in children categories and, amateurs and professionals in adults’ categories) are determined only by the complexity of the declared program, and does not depend on the length of practicing or sports experience of the athlete.

— According to the results of performance in open cups, the participants can pass certification on international sports categories as part of the international certification program for athletes of the International Air Athletics Association,

— According to the results of the tournament, the winners (no more than 3 winners) from countries which national federations are not accredited by IAAA may be qualified for the 2nd International air athletics Championship — 2019.    

International Air Athletics Association