International air athletics Cup – Poland 2019

We represent the open international sports tournament «International air athletics Cup – Poland 2019», which will be held on July 6, 2019 in the in the sports center of the Academy of Military Art located at General Antonio Kruciel «Monter» Avenue 103, 00-910 Warsaw, Poland..

«International air athletics Cup – Poland 2019» is the 3nd of 5 IAAA tournament of the 2019 season of International Cups, which is held according to the rules of the International Athletics Association (IAAA). They will be held in the format of the open championships, in which any athlete from any country can participate.

Air athletics is non-Olympic sport that gains world popularity, it includes three disciplines: pole sports, aerial silks and aerial hoop, in various age categories.


Participation in the «International air athletics Cup — Poland 2019» for athletes who do not are not members of national federations accredited by the IAAA is necessary for passing the preliminary selection for participation in the international championship — «2-nd International Air Athletics Championship»