International Judges Training Program — the Category B

The International Air Athletics Association announces admission to the IAAA  International Judges Training Program — the Category B  .
⚜ Training format: remote
⚜ Course duration: 10 days,
⚜ begins on June 8, 2019
⚜ You have the opportunity to participate on July 6, 2019 in the judging of an international tournament — International air athletics Cup — Poland.The program of certification of international judges category B is carried out in two ways:
🔷 1st — certification of acting judges of the national federation who already have category A (FWAR), are accredited for the season 2019 and have the experience of refereeing at least 3 tournaments (FWAR or IAAA), with the passage of the reduced training program.🔷 2nd — training and certification of new international judges, with the passage of a full training program.

Applications for participation in the program are accepted until June the 7th. inclusive!Apply for training — certification of international judges IAAA