International air athletics Cup – Cup St.Petersburg 2019

We represent the open international sports tournament   «International air athletics Cup – Cup St.Petersburg 2019», which will be held on December, 15 2019 in the sports complex «Metropolis Arena«, located at Glinyanaya st, 5,  bld.1.

«International air athletics Cup – Cup St.Petersburg 2019» complete the series of the International Air Athletics Association (IAAA) season 2019 .

International air athletics Cup — is an international sport competition aimed at development and popularization non-Olympic sports among children, juniors and young people. All interested could participate so any athlete even without experience could give a try on the international competition.

The International Air Athletics Association holds the tournaments in the three main disciplines of air athletics: pole sports, aerial silks and aerial hoop, in various age categories.

For the first time in season 2019 the changes in the Provisions will be tested on the Tournament . Further they will be applied for the season 2020.

  • New categories — FREE categories for the beginners, where the athletes could participate without performing mandatory exercises.
  • Performance consultations — both for amateurs and professionals.
  • Performance analysis – possibility of detailed analysis of results of performance of athlete.

The performances of the athletes will be evaluated by the panel of Judge consists of the international Judges (IAAA) and national Judges (Russian Federation of Air Athletics) .

The results of the performances in ranking categories could be used for attestation to the national sport categories (international levels) in the frame of the international attestation program of  International Air Athletics Association – ISLAA.

Social Volunteering for Medicine from the Moscow regional department under the cooperation agreement  with Russian Federation of Air athletics  will assist the conduction of the tournament.

Get more information on the venue, format, the Rules you can in the IAAA official group and in the group of the Tournament.