Joint statement off the International Air Athletics Association (IAAA) and the Russian Federation of Air Athletics (RFAA).

1- As a result of an accident during a performance at the International tournament in Latvia, an athlete from the Russian national team Eugeny Asonova got injures of medium severity.
2- Representatives of the International Association (IAAA) and representatives of the Russian Federation of Air Athletics (FAAR) constantly provide the assistance to the athlete: in processing papers, founded a specialized medical center and currently pay for athlete’s recovery in the rehabilitation center at the first medical institute named after I.M. Sechenov (Moscow).
3- According to the preliminary medical conclusion, the period of rehabilitation of the athlete will take about 3 months.
4- With respect to an accident, the competent authorities of Latvia carry out the verification to determine whether anybody was at fault. Comments and versions submitted by the athlete’s trainer are not officially confirmed.
5- The International Association and the Russian Federation of Air Athletics invite International and national federations to discuss and prepare the necessary requirements and safety measures for the preparation and operation of sports equipment.