2nd International Air Athletics Championship

Selection system for the participation in the International Air Athletics Tournament.

  • 2nd International Air Athletics Championship (2nd IAAC) – is an annual international team championship in the disciplines of air athletics, in which only the best athletes who have passed the preliminary selection are allowed to participate.
  • International Air Athletics Association (IAAA) — is the organizer of the annual championship of the International Air Athletics Association (England).
  • The disciplines of the air athletics sports tournament — the campionships are held only in the three official disciplines (pole sport, aerial silks and aerial hoop) of the sport — “air athletics”, which is developed by the IAAA.
  • The Rules — The International Rules of the International Air Athletics Association on the disciplines of the air athletics season 2019, including applications with mandatory elements.
  • Refereeing — to organize the judging of international tournaments, the association conducts training and qualification certification of judges by the rules (IAAA).

Please note!

  • Only national sport teams representing the IAAA member-federations or the athletes representing the country are allowed to participate in the Championship;
  • Championship is held in three disciplines of air athletics — aerial silks, aerial hoop and pole sport;
  • Rules, mandatory exercises and document forms are placed in the official group of the tournament — https://www.facebook.com/groups/InternationalAirAthleticsChampionship/
  • Application for participation is submitted through the online form —  https://forms.gle/nv2Ko75xT6Y7N2Mi9

       • questions on participation (formation of national teams) are carried out by the development committee IAAA — idc@iaaa.info

Tournament admission conditions

  • The national sport federation team is composed of winners and prize-winners of national championships.
    • The number of participants in the national spot team should not exceed 3 people in the category for each subgroup.
  • National sport team is composed of athletes permanently residing in the country.
    • The number of participants in the national team should not exceed 3 people in a category in each subgroup, with priority given to participants participating in the International Cups based on the results of their performances.
    •  For the remaining places in the national sport team, there is a quota — no more than 2 athletes in the category.
    • The selection of the participants for the national sport team (quota) carried out by the IAAA Development Committee

Compulsory and qualifying exercises in Air Athletics

Participants need to send an email  application form within the time period indicated by tournament regulation, information:

  • insurance for the date of the tournament,
  • a music file,
  • a receipt for payment of the registration fee,
  • admission-permission from legal representatives (for athletes) —  F-3,
  • the application form F-1 for compulsory exercises «Score-sheet for qualification», according to paragraph 21.6 of these Rules  (look example) .

You can get more information on the championship and the possibility of participating in it through Development Committee IAAA- idc@iaaa.info