International Air Athletics Association

Brings national federations together to develop and promote air athletics disciplines all over the world.

The level 6 — ILSAA

Validation of athlete’s certification to the international level in the disciplines of Air Athletics

Name Country International level Registration number in the ILSAA Register
1 Ginzburg Alexandra Russia Level VI 2018-09-118
2 Danilova Ksenia Russia Level VI 2018-09-272
3 Chistyakova Arina Russia Level VI 2018-10-199
4 Ushakova Mila Russia Level VI 2018-10-541
5 Melekhova Arina Russia Level VI 2018-10-70
6 Kugabaeva Dinara Russia Level VI 2018-10-369
7 Nasyrova Daria Russia Level VI 2018-11-615
8 Valeria Bova Ukraine Level VI 2019-10-4C-19-1