The Rules

International Air Athletics Association — international association with its own rules of international tournaments, independent system of refereeing, rating of athletes and tournaments, whose members can become any national federation interested in the development of «air athletics» as a kind of sports.
We are introducing new rules for international tournaments organized by the International Association of Air Athletics in the 2019 season.

Rules IAAA of Air Athletics in the 2019 season.

Compulsory and qualifying exercises in Air Athletics

Participants need to send an email  application form within the time period indicated by tournament regulation, information:

  • insurance for the date of the tournament,
  • a music file,
  • a receipt for payment of the registration fee,
  • admission-permission from legal representatives (for  athletes) —  F-3,
  • the application form F-1 for compulsory exercises «Score-sheet for qualification», according to paragraph 21.6 of these Rules  (look example) .