Association partners

In 2018, the new International Federation – International Air Athletics Association (IAAA) was created, it unites national federations of Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarus, Estonia, Latvia. Some new federations are considering the possibility of joining.

Disciplines of air athletics stand out entertainment, popularity among young people. This sport is actively spread and gains the recognition in the world.

The target audience consists of both professional sportsmen and amateurs.

  • Professional sport – this is the most active part of the audience that practices air athletics, this sportsmen take part in tournaments, sports events. More than 80% of this participants are children and juniors aged from 6 to 18, mostly girls, but in some categories and disciplines, young men also perform.
  • Amateur – this is a less active part audience that practices air athletics for their own development and practically does not participate in tournaments and sporting events. More than 90% of participants in this group are girls and women aged 18 and over.
International Air Athletics Association offers to it’s Partners:
  • Placement of the partner’s logos on the sport wear of athletes
  • Placement of partner’s advertising on advertising media during the tournament
  • Photo and video materials, production scenes
  • Provision of athletes for participation in marketing programs and staging subjects.
Opportunities for thePartner:
  • Active target audience — children and juniors, as well as their parents.
  • Representation in all regions through sports tournaments, schools and training programs.
  • The possibility of using staged plots in advertising companies.
  • Newsworthy event