Official press release

We have the pleasure to inform you that the 1-st International Air Athletics Championship will be held under the auspice of International Air Athletics Association (IAAA) on November 24-25 in the training center of national sports teams Sporta Centrs «Mežaparks», located: Roberta Feldmaņa iela 11, Ziemeļu rajons, Rīga, LV-1014, Latvia.
👉1-st International Air Athletics Championship:
— team international tournament in the Olympic format, in which National teams from Ukraine, Russia, Latvia, Estonia and Kazakhstan confirmed the participation.
— the first championship organized by the IAAA will be held in three disciplines of Air Athletics: pole sport, aerial hoop and aerial silks.
— is held under the IAAA rules and is the highest rating tournament of the association. Only the winners of national qualifying tournaments and members of national federations-members are allowed to participate in it.
— independent refereeing of the tournament is provided by judges of national air athletics federations with international admission. The head judge of the championship is – Zhuravleva Anastasia (Head of the International Committee of Judges IAAA, President Russian Federation of Air Athletics), as well as accredited IAAA judges of national federations.
— athletes-prize winners in their categories award winning title of the International Championship.
👉 International Air Athletics Association:
 – is an independent association with its own rules, independent rating system, refereeing, athletes ranking system and tournaments. Any national federation interested in the development of «air athletics» as a sport can become its member.
— according to the results of 1-st International Air Athletics Championship, athletes can get sports categories.
— confirms the status of international judges for admission to participate in the series national and international tournaments in the 2019 season.
 — prepares a schedule of a series of open and national ranking tournaments for 2019
season and coordinates the conditions for the qualification of athletes in the national teams for the federations-IAAA members.
— is actively engaged in organization and support of the development of the sport Air Athletics and its disciplines in the countries-members of the IAAA through national federation.
— provides the assistance and methodological support to newly created or reorganized national federations interested in developing of Air Athletics in their countries.